Understand Cyber. Protect Values.

A strong organization thrives on the power of individuals. RUAG Cyber Security qualifies and trains staff and IT specialists from governments, authorities and companies. Because, understanding cyber means to protect value.


To effectively protect against cyber threats you must identify your critical assets.


Gain situational awareness by understanding the current threats against your organization and knowing the health of your IT infrastructure.


Understand the risks and consequences of cyber attacks on your business and increase protection and resilience.


Increase the security of your IT infrastructure and the resilience of your organization by implementing protection that fits your needs.


Professional action in crisis situations helps ward off cyber threats efficiently and quickly.


Be prepared for the cyber crisis by establishing a crisis strategy and crisis management processes. Define the effective training for the critical cases


Early detection of anomalies and attacks and keep detection method and parametrization up to date


Keep the core business operational while handling attacks by rapidly identifying and analyzing the root cause and putting the emergency measures in execution. Keep the stakeholders informed


A successful handling of a cyber threat enhances the security level in the company.


Understand and secure the traces and evidences of a cyber attack by using scientific and judicially recognized methods and preventing future attacks


By applying recovery plan based on a business continuity management concept ensure a timely return to normal business operations


Learn from cyber incidents and improve the resilience by optimizing the IT infrastructure and the processes

Target groups

Who are the optimal security solutions from RUAG Cyber Security aimed at?

Authorities and armed forces

The ICT infrastructure at governments has always been a key target for attackers. Attacks here are usually not made for financial reasons, but instead to obtain confidential information or to inflict damage on a country.

Operators of critical infrastructures

Whether private companies such as banks and telecommunications companies or public service providers such as energy or water suppliers, operators of critical infrastructures are exposed to particular risks.

Major companies

Major companies usually have a professional IT environment in place. However, as parts of this environment are constantly evolving, a critical inspection in terms of cyber security is absolutely essential.

Cyber Training

Management training (example)
Training management task cyber crisis


  • Who is attacking and how?
  • What are the consequences?
  • Who are the potential attackers of my organisation?
  • Methods and geopolitical motivation

Technical information

  • This scenario can be broken down into two parts, a theoretical introduction to the material and a practical exercise. The existing crisis processes and the client's organisation are shown realistically.
  • In this scenario, the participants are confronted with a crisis that is triggered by a cyber incident. The consequences of the cyber incident have an impact on the core business, and the participants have work under increasing pressure.


Cyber security has the highest priority. Is it your top priority too?

To protect yourself against cyber threats it is important to understand what the critical values of a company are. We provide ongoing training and education to our teams so that they are well prepared for every phase of a cyber attack.


Date Event Location
21.09.2016 Cybersecurity Management Challenges Lugano, Switzerland
10. – 14.10.2016 CCCure Training Bern, Switzerland
11. – 12.10.2016 IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz Sankt Johann, Austria
21.10.2016 Cyber Security Forum Bern, Switzerland
01. – 03.11.2016 CyberSec Conference Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
15. – 16.11.2016 StrategieTage IT & IT Security DACH Zurich, Switzerland
22.11.2016 ISSS Bern, Switzerland
19.01.2017 ICT Networking Party Bern, Switzerland
20. – 24.03.2017 CeBIT 2017 Hannover, Germany


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