With its innovative IT, consulting and training solutions, RUAG Cyber Security has developed a perfect portfolio for employees and IT specialists at governments, institutions, medium-sized companies and corporations.
RUAG Cyber Security is the Swiss security expert for prevention, detection and response in the field of cyber attacks.


Cyber attacks are a threat to critical corporate assets. We offer tailored security solutions that adhere to the corresponding regulations.


A precise knowledge of risks and weak spots enables cyber threats to be detected and prevented.


Thorough preparation is absolutely essential in dealing with cyber incidents. The goal is to minimise the effects and return to normal business operations.

Target groups

Who are the optimal security solutions from RUAG Cyber Security aimed at?

Authorities and armed forces

The ICT infrastructure at governments has always been a key target for attackers. Attacks here are usually not made for financial reasons, but instead to obtain confidential information or to inflict damage on a country.

Operators of critical infrastructures

Whether private companies such as banks and telecommunications companies or public service providers such as energy or water suppliers, operators of critical infrastructures are exposed to particular risks.

Major companies

Major companies usually have a professional IT environment in place. However, as parts of this environment are constantly evolving, a critical inspection in terms of cyber security is absolutely essential.

Cyber Training

RUAG Training Support for Cyber optimises approaches to security.

To guarantee the cyber security of your organisation, you first have to be aware of it and know how it can be protected. RUAG Training Support for Cyber offers comprehensive training using highly qualified trainers with an extensive background in the field in order to take your cyber security to a whole new level.


RUAG: The experts behind RUAG Cyber Security

RUAG Cyber Security is dedicated to meeting the increasing societal challenge of implementing and firmly establishing cyber security as an essential part of everyday security.

RUAG combines many years of experience and outstanding expertise with Swiss values such as precision, stability and reliability – and all for the benefit of society and the economy.


Take advantage of the many benefits of cyber security for your company. Contact us today.


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